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NOYB – European Center for Digital Rights
Goldschlagstr. 172/4/2
1140 Wien
E-Mail: info@noyb.eu*
* Please use the feedback function of the WeComply! platform on any matter that concerns draft complaints against you.
Austrian non-profit registry (Zentrales Vereinsregister - ZVR): 1354838270
Relevant Authority: Landespolizeidirektion Wien, Büro für Vereins-, Versammlungs- und Medienrechtsangelegenheiten.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy covers all interactions on https://wecomply.noyb.eu.

Purposes: We process (partly personal) data for four purposes:

  • To provide this page to you (purpose A, "traffic data").
  • To ensure the security of the page (purpose B, "security data").
  • To enforce our legal claims and the data subjects' rights when we represent them (purpose C, "enforcement and use data").
  • To process any feedback you may choose to provide us with (purpose D, "feedback data").

Legal Basis: We use the following legal basis, when we process personal data:

  • Purpose A: Your consent.
  • Purpose B: Our legal obligations.
  • Purposes B, C and D: Our legitimate interests or those of the data subjects we represent.

Legitimate Interests:

  • For purpose B: We process potentially personal data ("security data" includes IP addresses) for the interest of maintaining page security and fulfilling our legal duty to keep the page secure.
  • For purpose C: We keep the necessary evidence (including the delivery of the warning and your use of our system) for the interest of enforcing the claims of the data subjects we represent.
  • For purpose D: We rely on our legitimate interest to take into account any feedback you may have provided in a procedure and to monitor continuous compliance.


  • Purpose A: Traffic data is not stored beyond the relevant transaction.
  • Purpose B: Security log data is deleted within 6 months, unless there is a particular reason to keep information for a longer period of time (e.g. individual IP addresses are blocked).
  • Purposes C and D: We keep enforcement/use data and feedback data until a case has been decided by the authorities or courts. If you consent to comply with the warning, we keep the information for a period of two years to ensure continuous compliance (monitoring by drawing random samples).

Processors: None. We do not share personal data with processors.

Other Recipients: If neccessary, we may share personal data that is processed for purposes C and D with relevant authorities, courts, lawyers representing us or the data subject.

Third Country Transfers: None. We process your data within the EU/EEA.

Cookies: We do not use cookies on the public pages of https://wecomply.noyb.eu. Once you log in with your case number and password, we use a session cookie ("sessionid") to identify you and another cookie ("csrftoken") as a security measure to prevent Cross-site request forgery (CSRF). We rely on Article 5(3) ePrivacy Directive ("strictly necessary") to process these cookies.

You have the following rights: You have the right to access, to rectify, to erasure, to object, to restrict processing, to data portability, to withdraw your consent and to lodge a complaint with your local data protection authority. We are governed by the Austrian data protection authority (“Datenschutzbehörde”).

Statistics and improvement: In addition to the processing outlined above, we run an anonymous statistics system that does not process any personal data or cookies, but allows us to undrestand how users interact with our platform.